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People on the world wide web are a varied conglomeration of programmers, highly sophisticated technical gurus, advertising and marketing analysts, specialized people whose entire goal in life is to create the perfect piece of code that will revolutionize the entire web as we know it today. These people are working constantly to do everything they can to assure the general population of the world that the Internet is indeed, quite complicated, and much too sophisticated for anyone to know how to achieve anything at all without a degree from some college concerning the insider techniques and systems that drive the net. They will go onto forums, blogs, and other digital media organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and spout their jargon phrases of programming and engineering and will absolutely impress everyone who is most unfortunate enough to find it on Google and read it.

These so called legends in the industry on the web will hold spellbound the people that frequent the web, and they will literally marvel at how intelligent, sophisticated and knowing that they really are when it comes to things online. They will impress everyone reading their journies in sophisticated programming jargon except one…

Butch Hamilton-Freelance Writer for Hire!

Butch Hamilton is not impressed with engineering jargon. Butch Hamilton is not impressed or follows anyone who makes claims about secret software programming that will usurp Google for the low low introductory price of only $29.95 per month. Butch Hamilton is not impressed at all with special SEO gurus who frequent the forums of Google and state their claims of what to do, and what not to do to gain acceptance, notoriety and presence on the web for a website that has been constructed for something of worth on the web. These people, these legendary geniuses, spend their time talking, texting, programming and researching while Butch Hamilton goes quietly about his work of gaining top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and all the other frequented places of noteworthy content and simply gains presence, notoriety, and keyword positions by writing the best content available on the web today. This content is nothing special, to the naked eye that is. The type of content that Butch Hamilton writes is called Spider Writing, and quite frankly, he is good at what he does. And what he does has not one single thing to do with software, programming, analysis, research or making claims. His type of writing comes from years of intensive hands on experiences on the web, few of which can match the content, or the quantity of writing that he can/does accomplish on a daily basis.

What Is Spider Writing?

It is a phrase that simply means attracting the notice of the search engine spiders of Google, and mapping out exactly where they are to put the information that he is writing about. And yes, the search engine spiders are trainable and teachable. When one does this spider writing correctly, the search engine spiders place the information in exactly the place needed to find the readers who are looking for the information on the web!

Now, if the ability to read and absorb information is possessed by the reader here, the above paragraph just unlocked the entire mystery of building and growing a worthy endeavor on the world wide web in 2017/2018!

Butch Hamilton-Freelance Writer for Hire!
Creating Content for Clients Seeking Concrete Results on Google!
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Will Write for Money!

Will Write for Money!

Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! has been writing on the world wide web since 2017. His talent, expertise, knowledge, determination, drive, loyalty and never quit attitude has led him down incredible paths on the Internet in that time. Working for some big ticket names, assisting them in building, growing and professionally promoting has all been in a days work for Hamilton. No stone unturned could be a phrase that would adequately announce Butch Hamilton in his eternal and never ending search for the perfect niche market keywords for his esteemed clients.

Always professional and geared towards the readers needs that are searching for keywords that are of interest to them, Hamilton has an innate ability to tap into the ebb and flow of the web like no other. For years, his unending flow of visualization marketing techniques, strategies and systems have led him to discover new and untapped resources for those choosing to hire him for his superb and unique writing skills.

Hamilton describes his intense and never ending ability to write in this way. “When I am working for a client, I look at the Internet from a very different perspective than most do. I look at the web at nothing more than keywords, ad content and links. By doing this, I am able to visualize exactly where to go with my writing for my client, and therefore, am able to tap the niche markets that abound on the web, quite naturally and easily.”

Most people find the Internet quite overwhelming and frustrating. Hamilton states, “I look at the Internet as a simple and effective means of finding good information about topics being searched for. When I am hired by a client, I take a look at different aspects of their particular needs, and from that, I am then able to go to work writing the particular type of keyword information required to gain a top position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major keyword searches of the web.

In this new and improved Writing Service website located at, Hamilton offers his unique writing talents to any and all who have the resources, the foresight and the willingness to pay for the best creative writing service found on Google today!

On the website listed above, Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! is in the process of adding a new service which will include ebooks on various topics of interest to the readers of the web. This valuable and far ranging service will eventually include many topics of vital concerns to all who strive, struggle and strain to make money from an Internet business. The ebooks will be real time information that comes from Butch Hamilton and others, that will contain some of the best and most specific techniques and strategies that any and all can benefit from buying and absorbing the valuable and insightful knowledge contained therein.

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For Immediate Release-Wildcat SEO News – Amarillo, Texas – November 05, 2017

Content writing on the modern day Internet is ever bit as crucial as it was in the introductory days of information in digital formats. The creation of original content, like that from Butch Hamilton, noted spider writer since early 2004, leads to improved rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and all the other major search engines of the web in 2017. The decided fact of the matter about original content is this. Few know exactly how to effectively, positively and consistently produce the type of content needed to effectively promote a website. Most will try ever conceivable trick in the book, before actually sitting down, thinking and writing good original content. First for the search engines, then for the readers looking for keyword information which they are seeking.

There are no shortcuts to content writing, even though there may be many ads online concerning article spinners, software and other engineering tricks and gimmicks that will make one instantly successful with any website for the low price listed. According to Butch Hamilton, “these types of scams, lies and hype should be thoroughly investigated and never used as search engines, even though not intelligent, are able to discern good original content from fake and spun articles.”

Most who come online in today’s high tech world seek their refuge, and attempt to earn their living through the use of social media marketing. Butch Hamilton addresses this directly, and offers benefits and solutions for NOT falling for all of the hype and misrepresented statements about social media marketing, and how the whole concept has changed on the Internet in the last few years, and social beat search engines in 2017. Hamilton does not agree with that statement at all, and as a matter of fact, dislikes vehemently certain characteristics of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other major social media networks.

In a recent interview, we spoke with Butch Hamilton about his views on creative writing for search engine positions, the need for originality and consistency and why the social media networks are not all that the so called marketing gurus claim them to be.

What, in your experienced opinion, is the best way to build, direct, promote and advertise a website on the web in 2017?

“Since the very early beginnings of my Internet career, I began to discern that content was the absolute key to marketing and advertising a website properly on Google. At that particular point in time, the only thing that I had going for me in my favor, was the innate ability to put into words very effectively, my thoughts, feelings emotions and other insights about life and living in a highly readable and special way. This was something that I have possessed my entire life so far, and it has done nothing but improve, season and grow stronger as the years move beautifully along.”

So content, as it has been stated, is the key to the whole process on Google, and the other major search engines?

“Oh yes, definitely. Who said that Content Is King on Google? Well, in all reality, I have stated that time and again since I first saw the phrase written. I have worked with, and been around programming engineers for a good deal of my Internet career. We have heated discussion about the importance of content. Their take on content is just something that they can design in a software program that will eliminate the need of people like me, in writing good original content. That process is called article spinning, and it is probably one of the very worst forms of spam listed on the Internet today. There are simply no shortcuts to success. Writing original content takes time, energy, thought, persistence and dogged determination.”

How is content written day after day, about the same subject, still come out originally, creatively and with a high degree of readability?

“I am quite unique in the world of writing. I do not view the Internet as complicated. I view the web as entirely simplistic in nature. Google trains the spider bots to assimilate information and put it on keywords that apply. Thinking simply about this, you simply write in a highly simplistic manner with that precise intent and purpose. Most cannot do, nor have a clue when I talk about simplicity; however, simplicity is the key to operating successfully on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major searches of the web.”

“The topic of social media marketing seems to be touchy. Explain please.”

“Social media marketing is something that everyone talks about, and obviously, since Facebook seems to be the most popular of all the websites of the entire web, you would think that it would be the most powerful way to advertise, promote and build on the Internet. While Facebook may be a grand place to gather family, friends and relations and stay in touch with them, it sadly lacks any ability to successfully write keyword specific information and have that information placed on the search engines effectively. Facebook is made with the full intent and purpose of keeping everything within the confines of the Facebook regime. You follow their rules about content and posting, or you get axed. There is no time in my world for this type of censorship. I have written more good original content over the years than most people can even imagine. I do not have time for a social programmer to dictate what I will and will do and write about. I personally have never used spam or spamming in any of my many online experiences. As long as I have been on the web, I have never made one thin dime from social media. All of the money that I have made online comes from original keyword specific writing for the search engine spiders first, then for the readers searching for good information I have written about the topic being discussed. In a very concise way, this is the key to marketing and writing content for the Internet!”

What is being made available today, in this valuable digital work?

“I am offering today, the chance for people to fill in my contact form and have a personal one on one consultation with me about fulfilling their dreams and goals on the Internet in terms of me writing content for them, and gaining new visitors, recognition and keyword positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines of the web. I am offering to write website content, blogs, forums, video content, Podcast content, image content, classified ad content, press release content and all creative writing they need in order to see success on the world wide web.”

Butch Hamilton – Writer for Hire!

Requirements to be met for hiring Butch Hamilton to write creatively, passionately, diligently and professionally are:

All articles written will be paid for in advance

Revisions may only be made up to three times per article

All articles written will be submitted to Butch Hamilton’s powerful network.

Once articles are submitted live on Google, no refunds will be made.

To schedule an appointment with Butch Hamilton to discuss dreams, goals and the type of content needed, fill out the form located @ the following website address: (Butch Hamilton – Writer for Hire!)